Expert Testimony: Safety Failures

Your client sues or is sued over a safety failure due to a defective product, maintenance, instruction, training, or warning.

Ralph Haber, Ph.D. provides expert testimony on Human Factors analyses of safety failures.

Human Factors is a scientific discipline that performs basic and applied research on dangerous or hazardous conditions arising from the interaction of people with their environment, especially its man-made features. This research provides guidelines for requirements for product or environmental design, maintenance, warnings, and training, and to governmental agencies responsible for regulations and laws.

Definitions of Hazards: What constitutes a danger or hazard, and was one present.

Avoidable and Unavoidable Hazards: Was the danger known; was it obvious. Was the hazard unavoidable. Could the danger have been eliminated or reduced by redesign.

Requirements for Warnings: Was a warning needed or unnecessary; what it must state; who was responsible for providing the warning.

Adequacy, Design and Evaluation of Warnings: Was this warning adequate, did it conform to the research findings on what kinds of warnings are heeded.

Training and Instructional Programs: Was any specific instruction or training required to avoid the dangers and hazards. Who should have provided the instruction or training. Were the instructions and training adequate.

CLICK HERE to view one of our research papers on the criteria for warnings, instructions and training: Lyn Haber and Ralph Haber (2001, unpublished). Human Factors Issues in Safety Litigation. Draft available.

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