Expert Testimony: Accidents

Your client sues or is sued over the causation of an automobile, truck, train, aircraft, business, industrial, or home accident.

We provide expert testimony on the Human Factors analyses of accidents.

Human Factors is a scientific discipline that performs basic and applied research on hazardous conditions arising from the interaction of people with their environment, especially its man-made features. This research provides guidelines and recommendations regarding the analysis of the reconstruction of accidents, the causation of accidents, the role of perception, reaction time and human error in accidents, and the interaction of human capabilities with equipment design, environmental design and maintenance. The research is used by governmental agencies responsible for the promulgation and enforcement of regulations and laws.

Human Responses: Calculation and assessment of perception time, decision time and reaction time; and the assignment of human error in accident analyses.

Machine Responses: Calculation and assessment of the time the equipment time the equipment took to respond to the human inputs. Was the equipment responding normally? What choices did the equipment offer the operator?

Analysis of Equipment: Did the accident involve the use of equipment or designed environment, and if so, was the design adequate and appropriate to human usage, and was it well manufactured and maintained. If the operation involved known dangers or hazards, had they been mitigated to greatest extent possible; were necessary warnings in place and appropriate.

Slip and Fall Accidents: Were potential conditions that cause or increase slip and fall accidents identified and included in design and maintenance; were they adequately mitigated by design, maintenance, or warnings.

One of our recent research papers focuses on eyewitness issues in the investigation of automobile accidents: Ralph Haber and Lyn Haber (2007). Eyewitness Testimony about Traffic Accidents. In Robert Dewar and Paul Olson (Eds.), Human Factors in Automobile Accident Reconstruction, 2nd edition (Ch 23, pp. 495-514). Tucson, AZ: Lawyers and Judges Publishers. Available from the publisher or from Amazon.

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