Human Factors Consultants
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Summary Resume for Lyn Haber, Ph.D. June, 2009

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Mail Address: 313 Ridge View Drive, Swall Meadows, CA 93514
Telephone: 760-387-2458 • Fax: 760-387-2459

Current Positions

Partner, Human Factors Consultants, 1987-present

Legal Consultation

Our firm, Human Factors Consultants, provides legal expertise, consultation and testimony on perception, eyewitness testimony, eyewitness identification and lineup procedures, recovered memory, children’s understanding, memory and testimony, fingerprint identification, linguistics and language, verbal and non-verbal harassment, human factors of safety including product design, warnings and training, and human factors of accidents. The two partners are Lyn Haber, Ph.D., and Ralph Haber, Ph.D. From 1978 to the present, we have been retained as expert witnesses in over 100 criminal cases and in over 100 civil cases.


BA in English Language and Literature, cum laude,1963, Brandeis University
Sprachprufung in German Language, 1964, University of Vienna
MA in Linguistics, 1965, University of California at Berkeley
Ph.D. in Linguistics, 1970; University of California at Berkeley
Post-doctoral training in Speech and Hearing Sciences, 1982, Arizona State University
MA in Education, 1984, University of Illinois at Chicago
Linguistic Society of America Summer Institutes: University of Michigan, 1965, 1967, 1973; State
University of New York at Buffalo, 1971


National Merit Finalist (1958)
Delta Phi Alpha (Honorary German Language Society), Brandeis University, 1963
Phi Beta Kappa, Brandeis University, 1963
Graduated Cum Laude, Brandeis University, 1963
Honors in English Language and Literature, Brandeis University (1963)
Foreign Service Institute Internship, United States State Department, Washington, D.C. (1966)
Education Abroad Program, Athens (1967)
American Council for Learned Societies Grant (1967)
Teaching and Research assistantship awards, University of California at Berkeley (1965-1968)
Society of the Sigma Xi, Associate member (1968), Full member (1974)

University Appointments

Temple University (Dept. of English), Instructor and Assistant Professor of Linguistics (1968-73)
University of Rochester, Research Associate, Assistant, Associate Professor of Psychology (1973-79)
Stanford University., Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Psychology (Summer 1977)
Arizona State University, Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychology (1981-1983)
University of Illinois at Chicago, Visiting Associate Professor, College of Education (1979-1980)
University of Illinois at Chicago, Adjunct Associate and Full Professor of Psychology (1980-94)
University of California at Santa Cruz, Research Associate., Department of Psychology (1995-1999)
University of California at Riverside, Adjunct Professor, Department of Psychology, (1997-99)

Other Professional Employment

National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Rochester, NY. Linguistics Consultant (1977-1978)
Board of Cooperative Educational Services, Rochester, NY, Linguistics Consultant (1977-1979)
Gates-Chili School District, Rochester, NY, Linguistics Consultant (1977-1979)
Veterans Administration Hospital, Canandaigua, NY, Consultant in Neurology (1977-1981)
Chicago Board of Education, Speech Pathologist, City School System (Full Time 1984-86)
Veterans Administration Hospital, Hines, Il, Research Scientist (1988-1990)


In Arizona and Illinois: K-12 Education; Speech and Language
In Illinois: Special Education
National: American Speech, Language and Hearing Association, Certification of Clinical Competence in Speech and Language Pathology

Diagnostic and Assessment Experience; Staff Training

Organization for Rehabilitation through Training (ORT), Geneva, Switzerland; 1976-1977;
designed ESL program, wrote text, trained teachers
Gates-Chili School District, Chili, New York: Sept-Dec 1977; normal and mentally retarded
Board of Cooperative Educational Services, Fairport, New York: Oct 1977 to Dec 1979;
mentally retarded and severely learning disabled children; training of staff
Veterans Administration Hospital, Canandaigua N.Y: Oct 1977 to Dec 1981; neurologically
impaired adults; training of staff
Lovena Ohl Foundation, Scottsdale, Arizona: Sept 1981 to 1985; profoundly hearing impaired
Navajo native speaking adults
Arizona State University Speech and Hearing Clinic: Jan 1982, to Dec, 1982; normal children
and adults
City of Chicago School System; Speech Pathologist, Full Time, Feb 1984 to Feb 1986; 80 child
case load per year, plus screening and diagnostics

Grants and Contracts

Seven research grants and contracts in linguistics, reading, and training: National Institute of Education (one); United States Dept of Transportation (one), Urban Mass Transit Authority (one); Veterans Administration (three); National Eye Institute (one).

Books and Scientific Publications

From 1966, I have published 8 books and 75 professional papers, and given 100 scientific presentations at conferences.

Complete Resume:

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